Welding, Fabrication, Metal Art

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Welding Services
We have welders available 24/7 for welding repairs.  We can make repairs at your location or at our shop.
Fabrication Services
We have experience designing and fabricating a variety of projects such as cabinets, truck beds, gates, archways, pits, etc.  We have machinery to bend pipe, flat metal, etc.  If you need something customized, give us a call.
Metal Art
Our computerized equipment enables us to cut out a variety of designs to customize your projects.  We can create rig signs, personal signs, gates, etc.  Painting and powder coating are available as well.
  1. Pits
  2. Redrock Pit
    Redrock Pit
  3. Oilfield Sign
    Oilfield Sign
  4. Firefighter Sign
    Firefighter Sign
  5. Drive Entrance
    Drive Entrance
  6. Coffee Sign 2
    Coffee Sign 2
  7. Mom Sign
    Mom Sign
  8. Coffee Sign
    Coffee Sign
  9. OilField Pit
    OilField Pit
  10. Pit 1
    Pit 1
  11. Door Sign
    Door Sign
  12. Farm Sign
    Farm Sign
  13. Monument Sign
    Monument Sign
  14. Welcome Sign
    Welcome Sign
  15. S Gate